Porter la fourrure des autres, est vraiment à gerber

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Dans Le Guardian cette semaine, il y a un petit article par l'éditrice de la mode, Hadley Freeman.  Elle répond à la question d'un lecteur qui veut savoir ce qu'elle pense des hommes qui portent de la fourrure (des autres).  Elle pense que tous les deux, les hommes et les femmes, sont complètement moches et ridicules en fourrure, mais peut-être les hommes le sont un peu plus.  Voir la photo.  A vomir.


Aïda, qui est bien servie de sa propre fourrure noire



A bookmaker in a fur coat Fur coats - not a good look. Photograph: Christopher Thomond

I've noticed increasing numbers of men in full-length fur coats around the town. Has a memo gone out and I missed it?

Dominic, by email

Yes, you did. Fortunately, this column is so plugged into the heart of fashionability that it veritably sparks, and I have access to the aforementioned memo and it reads as follows: "If you, gentleman, wish to look like a total tool, wear a fur coat."

While fur is obviously disgusting, it is also incredibly useful in that it alerts you to the fact that the person wearing it is a complete moron, without you having to waste time talking to them. Yes, there is what is known for the sake of shorthand "the leather whine", which goes a little like this: "But you wear leather! Whine! And that's basically the same as fur! Whine! I can't talk any more because I just got a bit of dead racoon in my mouth! Whine!" The answer to this, of course, is simply, "I'm sorry, I cannot hear you from beneath the dead animal you have clad around your person."

To say men look worse than women in fur is akin to claiming that Beelzebub is worse than Satan. But seeing as I had to look up how to spell Beelzebub, making him inherently more annoying than Satan, apparently there is a distinction. Gentlemen, you're moulting.

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